Daily Discussion, 10-13-16

LOL...maybe we should be calling this the bi-weekly discussion...I have got to do better with this posting new content...so much negativity out there right now, seems like a good time to talk about serving the future...so here we go... Gurdjieff ([1877-1949], priest, physician, teacher, author of ‘Meetings With Remarkable Men’) tells us that to live in a truly creative and dynamic way; we would have to think in a completely new way. He encourages that ...
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The Daily Discussion, 9-29-16

I have been thinking a lot about how what really matters in life is what kind of a contribution you are to other people. So many of us go around just looking for what we can get…not many folks walking around worried about what they can give. In the grand scheme of things seems like the only way to elevate your soul is to give till it hurts and then give more…give whatever you have…stuff, ...
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Daily Discussion, 9-27-16

I am wondering today if people really understand the power of ‘words’, do people understand that their words are living breathing pieces of consciousness that go forward to either harm or to help? This week I had another experience with a person that uses their words to hurt and to wound and to cut the legs out from under the person that they are attacking…this person has done so much damage with their words, caused ...
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A hell of a disguise

Daily Discussion, 9-26-16

So in order to keep my promise of daily fresh content to all of you, I need to pull a blog post out of my ass…and it’s Monday and I don’t feel like it. Good thing I don’t give much thought to ‘how I feel’ in the moment, I am well-trained to just do what needs to be done…so looking over at my wall of quotes---I see one that sparks a flash of inspiration…it is ...
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Daily Discussion, 9-23-16

It occurred to me today that many people in the world have a hard time with the true concept of forgiveness. Not only do individual people have problems with forgiveness, countries have issues with it as do political parties. Many of us feel that our anger, animosity, hatred and bad feelings are JUSTIFIED and God help anyone who tries to tell us otherwise. Given an opportunity most people will tell you about who did them ...
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what are you thinking?

Daily Discussion, 9-22-16

Happy Thursday, I hope that you all had a good day thus far…I just finished a round of teaching boy to drive…NO WORDS! Let us just say that it is REALLY hard for a control freak to not be in control in that situation…’nuf said! I posted a video this afternoon for you, it can be found on the FB page. In it I am talking about how what you think about, you get more ...
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The Daily Discussion

The Daily Discussion–Sept. 21, 2016

For months now I have been trying to force myself to blog daily for you guys, or at the very least five times a week…you have only to look at the recent blog posts to see how miserably I have failed at this task. It’s awfully hard to grow a blog site with no fresh content, just sayin’. My problem is that my style of blogging has been to deliver a message, impart some wisdom ...
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The Choice is Yours…

The phone rang yesterday morning and it was a friend of mine…her mother had died unexpectedly in the middle of the night…I just kept saying over and over “Oh my God” and then I started to cry. My friend said she loved me for that…she has a hard time with emotions and it is difficult for her to ask for help or support…my greatest gift to her has always been to express whatever is there… ...
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Welcome to the Redesign…

Good Morning and welcome to the redesign...I decided that the focus of the site needed to be the blog and that it should be really simple and clean...so here we are. Simple and clean is a good thing to get back to, often times I think we go out too far, go overboard with 'stuff', try to fit too much in and that gets exhausting. Sometimes the best thing that we can do, is step-back, ...
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Heart of Hearts

The Greatest Love Story of All Time…

Good Lord...I haven't blogged for you guys in forever, so today I thought I would remedy that. From time to time I will dabble at writing fiction and so I thought we would restart our blogging relationship with a bedtime story for you...a story for all of you romantics at heart...I think I used to be one of those people before life got in the way...here's to the romantics in all of us...enjoy... The Greatest ...
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9 thoughts on “Home

  1. Melissa O'Connor

    yes I am interested in joining your website. A friend of mine introduced me to your page and I have been a single mom for 25 years. I love your post please except me.

    Thank you, Melissa O’Connor

  2. Codie Barlow

    I have been a single mom for 6 years now… Going through a very rough custody battle for 5 years. Would be nice to connect with others in similar situations


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