Daily Discussion, 12-13-16

Christmas Countdown, Day 15 People tend to review things at the close of the year...and often that leads to thinking about people that have behaved less than stellar toward us...so here are a few of my thoughts on that... The being able to stand in the face of someone that has betrayed you and love them and bless them is a great gift…this is Divinity in action, this is the stuff you can’t learn from ...
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Daily Discussion, 12-12-16

Christmas Countdown, Day 14 My Grandfather was my rock and I wanted to share some of him with all of you... Some Advice from Papa… *adapted from ‘advice my father gave us’…written by my mom, Toni Stone “Thanks to Papa we know how to get up every day even when we would rather not. We know that no one else is going to do our work for us. We know what’s past is OVER and ...
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Daily Discussion, 12-10-16

Christmas Countdown, Day 13 As we approach 2017, it's a good time to start thinking about the life that you really want to create for yourself. Today I am simply going to ask you to start living in three questions and writing down your answers...as we get closer to Jan we will do more with this. What do you want? Who would you have to become to get it? What would you have to shed ...
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Daily Discussion, 12-9-16

Christmas Countdown, Day 12 My mother has always told me that fear is thinking thoughts that scare you...and really that is true. Eliminating fear requires the vigilance to police your own thinking. You have to be able to swap a fear-based thought for a more positive one. The whole 'thought swapping' thing that I have been talking about over the past few days is difficult to do. It is a moment-by-moment practice... When you realize ...
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Daily Discussion, 12-8-16

Christmas Countdown, Day 11 I have been pondering two words over the past couple days…foundation and wisdom. Webster’s New World defines Foundation as ‘the base on which something rests’…this leads me to consider how many of us, myself included, live our lives resting on a solid foundation. When you build a structure it has to start with a solid and strong foundation, if it doesn’t the structure won’t hold up. In order to have a ...
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Daily Discussion, 12-7-16

Christmas Countdown, Day 10 Look at your life and pinpoint for yourself some things that you really, really want. Got them? Good. Now tell me how bad do you want them? Do you want them bad enough to change everything about yourself that stands in the way of you getting them? Do you want them bad enough to give up your behaviors that don’t work? Do you want them bad enough to not give up ...
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Daily Discussion, 12-6-16

Christmas Countdown, Day 9 Yesterday we talked about replacing a thought for a thought. Today I want to talk about what giving attention to negative thoughts will create for you… Your thoughts are far more powerful than you might imagine and they go forward to create your future. What you think about, speak about and give your attention to WILL become your reality, so you have to be very mindful of what you are focused ...
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Daily Discussion, 12-5-16

Christmas Countdown, Day 8 (a bit late) As I have said to you recently over the last few days, it would seem that everything is particularly challenging right now and that I am having to work harder not to give in to worry, fear, etc So I have been doing a lot of praying and reading to keep myself on track and I wanted to share something with you that I found this morning in ...
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Daily Discussion, 12-4-16

Christmas Countdown, Day 7 Don't let the past dictate your future. Leave the past back there where it belongs, it served a purpose and now it's time to move on. There is something to learn from every thing that has happened to us. If you are stuck on something from the past then ask for the lesson to reveal itself so that you can be freed from constantly reviewing history. Often the holiday season will ...
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Daily Discussion, 12-3-16

Christmas Countdown, Day 6 There are times in life when it is appropriate to ‘Stand Down’. The Military defines ‘Stand Down’ as the movement of soldiers in combat to a safe place for rest and recovery. It is also a method used by the Military to correct an issue that has been identified as a problem throughout its ranks. American Heritage Dictionary defines ‘Stand Down’ as: to withdraw, to end a state of readiness. Have ...
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  1. Melissa O'Connor

    yes I am interested in joining your website. A friend of mine introduced me to your page and I have been a single mom for 25 years. I love your post please except me.

    Thank you, Melissa O’Connor

  2. Codie Barlow

    I have been a single mom for 6 years now… Going through a very rough custody battle for 5 years. Would be nice to connect with others in similar situations


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